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DSM 6 Release Date on the Horizon

DSM 6 release date approaching! Stay informed on the latest updates and enhancements of this highly anticipated version.

mark elias
Mark Elias
May 6, 2024

Latest Updates on DSM

Introducing the latest updates on Disk Station Manager (DSM), the operating system for Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. The DSM 5.1 Beta version brought a range of new features and improvements to enhance the user experience and functionality of Synology devices.

Introduction to DSM 5.1 Beta

Synology launched the DSM 5.1 Beta, providing users with a preview of the upcoming DSM 5.1 release. This beta version introduced several significant enhancements, including:

  • Synchronization across encrypted folders: Users gained the ability to synchronize files and folders across multiple devices while maintaining encryption for enhanced data security.
  • Windows ACL for privilege settings in Cloud Station: The beta version incorporated Windows Access Control List (ACL) support, allowing users to manage file privileges more efficiently within the Cloud Station.
  • Option to disable versioning: Users were given the flexibility to disable versioning for specific files or folders, optimizing storage space utilization.
  • Addition of new public cloud services: DSM 5.1 Beta introduced support for three additional public cloud services, namely OneDrive, Box, and hubiC. This expanded the range of cloud storage options available to Synology users.
  • IPV6 support for Quick Connect: The beta version added IPV6 support to Quick Connect, enabling users to access their Synology devices remotely using IPV6 protocols.
  • NFS VAAI support: With the integration of NFS VAAI (NFS vStorage API for Array Integration), DSM 5.1 Beta enhanced the performance of VMware vSphere deployments by offloading specific storage operations to Synology NAS devices.
  • Improvements to SSD caching setup: The beta version included enhancements to the setup process of SSD caching, allowing users to optimize the performance of their storage systems.
  • Security features: DSM 5.1 Beta introduced a new Security Advisor and AppArmor package to provide users with improved security and protection against potential risks.

These enhancements showcased Synology's commitment to continuously improving their NAS operating system, offering users enhanced features, security, and functionality.

Key Features of DSM 5.1 Beta

The key features of DSM 5.1 Beta can be summarized as follows:

The DSM 5.1 Beta release provided users with a glimpse into the future of Synology's NAS operating system, showcasing their commitment to innovation and delivering an exceptional user experience.

Synology Drive Server Versions

Synology Drive Server is a robust and feature-rich file management solution provided by Synology. Let's explore some of the different versions of Synology Drive Server:

Synology Drive Server 3.5.0-26084

The latest version of Synology Drive Server is 3.5.0-26084. This version brings various improvements and enhancements to the file management experience. For more detailed information regarding the specific changes and updates in this version, refer to the official Synology release notes.

Synology Drive Server 3.1.0-22920

Synology Drive Server version 3.1.0-22920 introduced several notable features. One of the key enhancements in this version is the ability to convert the indexing scope of "My Drive" from "/home/Drive" to "/home." This allows for more flexibility in file organization and accessibility. Additionally, this version supports exporting sharing link reports with detailed information about sharing links in selected folders. For a comprehensive overview of the changes brought by this version, consult the official Synology release notes.

Synology Drive Server 1.1.2-10562

Synology Drive Server version 1.1.2-10562 focuses on improving server performance and resolving various issues. This version addresses concerns related to file appearance, sub-folder synchronization, setting and mailing advanced protection links, and user account activation. For a complete list of fixes and enhancements, refer to the official Synology release notes.

Synology Drive Server 1.1.0-10544

Synology Drive Server version 1.1.0-10544 brings performance enhancements to both Drive and Drive Admin Console. These improvements aim to optimize the file management experience and ensure smooth operation. For more information about the specific enhancements introduced in this version, consult the official Synology release notes.

Keeping your Synology Drive Server up to date with the latest version ensures access to new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. It is recommended to regularly check for updates and upgrade to the latest version to make the most of your file management system.

Synology Drive Enhancements

With each new release, Synology Drive continues to evolve and improve, offering enhanced performance and seamless migration from Cloud Station Server. Let's explore some of the notable enhancements in Synology Drive.

Performance Improvements in Synology Drive

Synology Drive has undergone significant performance improvements in recent versions. For example, version 1.1.2-10562 brought enhanced server performance and addressed various issues related to file appearance, sub-folder synchronization, advanced protection links, and user account activation. These enhancements ensure a smoother and more efficient user experience when using Synology Drive.

Similarly, version 1.1.0-10544 of Synology Drive introduced performance enhancements for both Drive and Drive Admin Console. These improvements contribute to faster file syncing, increased responsiveness, and improved overall system performance.

Migration to Synology Drive from Cloud Station Server

One of the significant features of Synology Drive is its ability to seamlessly replace Cloud Station Server while preserving important settings and historical data. When installing Synology Drive, it automatically migrates all sync settings and history versions from Cloud Station Server. This ensures a smooth transition for users who have been utilizing Cloud Station Server for file synchronization.

Additionally, Synology Drive serves as a new management portal for Office 2.0, providing a unified and streamlined experience for managing files and collaborating on projects [1]. This seamless migration allows users to continue their work seamlessly without any disruptions.

By continually enhancing performance and providing a seamless migration process, Synology Drive offers an improved file syncing and management experience. Users can take advantage of these enhancements to optimize their workflow, increase productivity, and enjoy a more efficient file synchronization solution.