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ABA Therapy Services

what is ABA therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is an evidenced-based therapy focused on improving specific behaviors in children and adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disorders.

A Behavior Analysis evaluates the possible cause of behavioral changes. The process involves studying scientific data, the child’s biological makeup, and the impact that the environment has on the child’s life.

In ABA Therapy we use the evidence-based principles to help change behaviors of social significance. We work with the children to improve their hygiene, domestic capabilities, and interpersonal relationship skills.

ABA therapy has successfully helped children improve these behaviors, while reducing negative behaviors.

what we do

aba home therapy

A BCBA will create a plan for behavioral intervention that will be provided by an ABA professional.

The intervention plan will be tailored specifically for the child based on the BCBA’s assessment of the child.

In each session, the ABA professional will work towards the goals set out for the child to improve in their skills that were set out in the plan.

Our BCBA’s supervise this one-on-one therapy and review progress to make changes when necessary.

parent & family training

Through family training parents and families learn how to implement the principles of ABA therapy for when the child is notworking with a professional.

Much of the success of the child can be based on the family’s involvement with the intervention services.

The training will be conducted under the guidance of our BCBA’s.

workshops and Training

We feel that part of our obligation as ABA therapy providers is to inform the community of the benefits of ABA therapy.

We accomplish this by offering training and workshops for different groups.

We offer tailored training and can work with schools and daycares to provide this service.

We also run programs for parents and families to inform them about autism and ABA therapy and teach them how to implement these strategies when working with their children.

social skill groups

Expressing the correct social skills can be challenging for children with autism and developmental disabilities.

At Discovery ABA we strategically incorporate social skill building strategies into the program of each child.

Our ABA professionals will teach your child how to communicate with others, how to greet other, as well as other communication skills.

Our ABA professionals can also teach the children in a group setting, with other children. Families will be able to witness how these newly learned behaviors are put into practice by their children.

behavioral intervation

Negative behaviors can be displayed when a child feels that they are unable to express themselves because of a verbal limitation, sensory overload or the feeling that they are not being understood.

This can cause stress to the whole family. Our ABA professionals will use the principles of ABA therapy to help transfer these behaviors into positive ones.

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